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Acrobat Ant
Argentine Ant
Ants of this genus hold their abdomen over their head and thorax
when excited. They range in color from yellowish brown to red and
black to black, with a
heart-shaped abdomen flattened on the
upper side and curved below.
They are not normally found in households but may wander inside
from time to time in search of food. Some species in this genus
may be found in decayed or partially decayed wood and in such
wood inside homes. They are seldom found in sound wood.
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The Argentine ant is a severe pest in the southern United States
and in California. In areas of heavy
infestation, it may be found in
practically every home.
Workers are 1/12 to 1/8 inch long and are light to dark brown in
color. Nests are typically located in
moist soil next to or under
buildings, along sidewalks, or beneath boards and plants, and they
are usually near sources of both water and food.
This ant is well adapted to urban and suburban environments and
persist where other species do not thrive. It may be the only
ant species present in many locations.
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Big-headed Ant
The soldiers of these ants, which are workers that serve strictly a
defensive function, have exceptionally
large heads in relation to
their body size. The minor workers do not have enlarged heads but
can be recognized by the shape of their heads, which
abruptly behind the eyes.
These ants are found in warmer and dryer sections of the United
States and have very similar habits to fire ants.
Nests are found in
exposed soil or under cover, and in rotting wood. They rarely nest
indoors but may invade homes to forage for food. They prefer
meats, grease, and breads.
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Crazy Ant
Workers are about 1/10 inch long and dark brown in color. Their
legs and antennae are much
longer in proportion to the other parts
of their body compared to what is normal for other house-infesting
The crazy ant has become an important household
pest along
much of the Gulf coastal region of the United States, and in
Arizona. Crazy ants
nest in small cracks, crevices and voids inside,
and they wander throughout the building searching for food. They
prefer to feed on animal matter, grease, and other insects but will
readily eat sweets of all kinds.
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Carpenter Ant
Fire (imported) Ant
Carpenter ants are usually black and are among the largest ants in
the United States. Workers have rather
large mandibles with which
they can bite or give a strong pinch. Workers very greatly in size
from 1/4 to about 3/4 inch long.
Carpenter ants will establish
nests in a number of different
locations. Outdoor sites include stumps, hollow logs, telephone
poles, fence posts, or other similar large pieces of wood. Wood that
is moist or partially
decayed is preferred by many species. Carpenter
ants are of economic importance because of the damage they do to
structures, the food they
contaminate, and their unsightly and
unwanted movement inside and outside of buildings.
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The red imported fire ant is an important agricultural, urban, and
suburban pest that typically nests in the soil and makes
characteristic earthen
Workers are a dark reddish brown in color and may be found in two
basic sizes, called major and minor workers, which are 1/15 to 1/4
inch long. Typical yards contain several mounds, and larger yards
may contain several dozen. When mounds of this species are
disturbed, workers appear to boil or swarm out of the ground in very

defensive behavior. They will sting any intruding animal
repeatedly. Large
colonies can have up to 300,000 to 500,000
workers that forage over an area with a radius of more than 100
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Pharaoh Ant
Thief Ant
Pharaoh ants are light yellowish to reddish brown in color, with
workers measuring 1/15 to 1/12 inch long. Their
small size, which
enables them to get into almost anything, and their very wide
preferences combine to make pharaoh ants difficult to eliminate from
structures in many cases.
Nests are rarely found but occur between boards and switch plates,
in old trash, in folded bathroom linens, or outside in gardens and
along walks. In the warmer climates of the souther United States,
pharaoh ants are frequently found
foraging and nesting on the
outside of buildings or in adjacent landscape areas.
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This is one of the smallest household ants, being from 1/25 to
1/15 inch long. Workers vary in color from yellow to dirty brown.
They often live in nests of larger ants, where they may feed on the
larvae of their hosts, thereby earning their common name.
This ant is so small that it may often
escape notice around kitchen
sink and cabinet areas. The ant usually comes in from outdoors, but
it may
nest in cracks and crevices of walls or cabinets and
commonly beneath tile countertops in kitchens. They can be very
persistent and difficult to control.
Recommended Products: Maxforce ant gel , Premise 2
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