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Pest Identification
Adults are pale to medium brown and about 1/2 to 5/8 inch long.
German cockroaches can be distinguished from other roaches by
two dark stripes on the anterior, dorsal portion (pronotum) of
the thorax.
Adults of both sexes have well-developed wings, but the
fly. Adult females carry the
egg capsule protruding from the rear of
the abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch. The egg capsule is
light brown in color, less than 1/3 inch long, more than twice as
long as wide and shows about 16 external divisions or segments on
either side.
This cockroach does not live outdoors (see Asian Roach)
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The American cockroach is also known as the waterbug, flying
waterbug, and in some areas of the southern United States, the
palmetto bug. It is the largest of the common species, growing to
1 1/2 inches or more in length. It is reddish brown with a pale
brown or yellow border on the upper surface of the pronotum.
Both sexes have well-developed wings, but those of the males
extend beyond the abdomen.
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Smokeybrown cockroaches are closely related to the American
Cockroach but are distinguished by their slightly smaller size, being
slightly more than 1 inch long, and uniform
mahogany color. They
do not have any lighter coloration around the edge of their
pronotum, as do adult American cockroaches. Both males and
females have wings longer than their bodies.
This cockroach is common throughout central Texas and
eastward, along the
Gulf Coast, throughout Florida. It is the most
common species of cockroach encountered in some parts of the
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The oriental cockroach is also referred to as the waterbug, black
beetle, or shad roach. It is found in all parts of the United States.
Total length of this cockroach is about 1 1/4 inches for the female
and 1 inch for the male. The female has small,
rudimentary wings called wing pads. The male's wings cover about
3/4 of the abdomen. Neither the male nor the female can fly.
Adults are very dark brown or nearly black and usually have a
greasy sheen to their body. Females are broader and
heavier looking than males.
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This is one of the smaller cockroaches, rarely being more than 1/2
inch long. It is light brown and can be readily distinguished from the
German cockroach by the presence of two lighter, transverse
bands running from one side to the other across the base of the
wings and abdomen in adults. These bands may be somewhat
irregular or broken and are more apparent on the young and the
females than on the males.
Both males and females are quite active, and the adult males
readily when disturbed.
Recommended products: Maxforce FC , Suspend
The Australian cockroach is similar in appearance to the American
Cockroach but is rarely more than 1 1/4 inches long. It is reddish
brown and can be destinguished by prominent yellow
stripes along
the outer front edge of either wing, and by a prominent
dark spot
in the center of the pronotum. Well developed wings in both sexes
extend to the tip of the abdomen. This cockroach is found chiefly in
southern United States, but it has been found in green houses,
zoo buildings and houses in the northern states.
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Brown banded
Brown cockroaches are generally distributed in the southern United
States, from
Florida to Texas. The brown cockroach resembles the
American cockroach, except it has a
broader body and less
distinct, or sometimes virtually no, yellowish markings on the
thorax. It is a dark, reddish brown color with well-developed wings
in both sexes, but not as long in the males as in the male American
In souther states, this cockroach is associated with trees,
palm trees. The brown cockroach normally feeds on
plant materials.
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This species is native to certain areas in Southeast Asia and
appears to have been introduced to the United States through the
port of
Tampa, Florida. Its distribution as a common pest has
slowly expanded throughout most of the state of Florida.
It is very
similar in appearance to the German cockroach, but it
has very different behavior. It typically becomes most active just
at dusk, remaining so for a few hours thereafter. Adults will fly quite
readily and for relatively
long distances. They will fly to lights at
Recommended products: Tempo, Suspend, Maxforce Granules
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